Use a computer


Using a computer is simple:

1) Be a human.

2) Ask the librarian nicely for a computer pass.

3) Type the code on the computer pass into the box at the bottom of the screen on one of the public computers.

4) If you're on a computer that asks for ANOTHER password, make sure you are on the account that says Public (they'll be listed in the bottom right corner) and then type the password "password". No capitals. This is an error that we're hoping to have fixed soon.

5) If you're going to print, make sure it is going to the SHARP printer. A heads-up to the librarian first is welcome, in case they're printing labels. We don't want you to accidentally print on our label paper!


You get 45 minutes for each computer pass. If you need longer, inform the librarian BEFORE asking for a pass. They may put in an override code for you. Children playing games will not get an override code, but there are computers free still, their pass will go into "EXTRA TIME", which means they'll be able to keep playing until all computers are full. If the computers do become full, it will give the user 2 minutes to save their work before logging them out.